Daharana Spectrum

Daharana Spectrum is a software copyright management system that allows you to sign the audio files, inputting data within audio spectrum. The security technologies currently used, such as DRM, no matter how sophisticated, are based on a concept that is in my view, wrong at the root: How do you prevent the duplication of a thing that needs to be reproduced by end-users? The DRM-use complex hardware and software technologies that insert data encryption inside the file, not the sound (or video), but within the particular format used. This is a big problem, because 1) means that this technology can be only supported by certain proprietary formats; 2) (main shortcoming) by inserting encrypting data within the file, this data will always remain isolated to the file itself, this means that the audio stream once played to be heard, doesn’t contain more any protection info. This allows you to bypass the current DRM protection, adopting particular modded drivers to flow back the audio stream playback, which should arrive directly to the output through the computer's sound card, allowing you to rip the song. The technique used by Daharana Spectrum instead, relies on the fact that a human being can perceive only a part of the sounds of the audio spectrum, in fact, theoretically we can hear only sounds that range in the range ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Using this concept, the algorithm of the software goes to insert a special noise in the sprectrum areas not perceptible by human, this noise is generated in such a way to save the information within the audio signal. Here comes the fun part, this information does not depend on the file format used, and will accompany the sound even after the playback through the speakers, and will be present if the song is re-recorded through a microphone. This technique, is not aimed at stopping the spread of the physical content, but aims to sign it so that we can identify the responsible for spreading illegal content, and consequently prevent unauthorized copy of both music and video (if any audio track is present).

EOL software.