Money Manager Master

The first release of Money Manager Master is now available in English and Italian.

The most innovative and advanced app for managing your personal finances. Unlike other applications on the market, Money Manager Master, in addition to managing your cash, allows total and centralized monitoring of all your bank and credit card accounts, without directly accessing the accounts of the respective providers or operating on them. How does it work? Thanks to its powerful transactional engine, once configured Money Manager Master allows you to replicate the behavior of your bank accounts, your credit cards, your investment deposits, etc. so as to conveniently allow you to track all your financial transactions locally on your device, all with the most advanced encryption system currently available. You will have many customizable graphs and statistics to monitor and categorize your finances and your movements in every detail, you can also generate reports in customizable PDF format which can eventually also be printed.

Now available for Android smartphones and tablets!


Under active development.